Let me share a little so you get to know me better…


I have always believed in having fun as much as you can. I don’t think that work should be a struggle, or that you should be doing something you don’t enjoy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know it is not always fun and that sometimes you have to do some tasks you don’t want to, but overall, you should love your business, be working in your passion, and have things running automatically in the background as much as possible for that continual growth.

I have a creative side and a structured side to me.  I went to college and earned my Associate degree in Graphic Design.

I worked as an executive assistant while also running my graphic design company right out of college. 

When I had my son, I wanted to find a career that would allow me to stay at home with him, and I knew that graphic design was not my passion.

I learned through online research about the world of a virtual assistant and it seemed perfect to me. It utilized the skills I already had working in offices for executives and I loved the structure and strategy behind helping other entrepreneurs grow.

In time, I learned that with my combination of skillsets I was actually an Online Business Manager more than a Virtual Assistant so I expanded my business to incorporate that offering and had a team of VA’s that worked with me for implementing.

As I grew my business I also grew my skills and knowledge.  I took a position as a COO for a company and excelled at that, but after a few years I was ready to be back on my own.  I loved helping more than one company in this way.

That is when I shifted my business to being a Fractional COO.  This way I could support companies that needed that level of support, would benefit from my wide skillsets and could invest in the help as needed instead of hiring a full time person to fill a role for them. 

The creative side of me is still active as well…as a writer.  I have loved the written word for my entire life.  Whether reading or writing, I have been doing them for as long as I can remember.

The creative flow, the brainstorming, the rough drafts, the edits and research, the final product…all of it makes me happy. 

I have been copywriting professionally for 16 years and still love it.  I have helped clients in many different ways with their copy, whether creating it from scratch, ghostwriting, or editing something that already exists to freshen it up and help it to perform better.  

All of the skillsets I have lead to a fulfilling career helping other entrepreneurs to grow and reach their goals for their business.  I help them to put their best foot forward and I am in the background making sure it all runs smoothly and they look amazing to the world.   


I have spent 18 years as a business owner. I have been remote most of that but did also have a brick and mortar business at one point as well.

I continually learn new things, network and connect with others in the industries I work in and am always looking for new tools to share with clients. 

My expertise include operations, project management, process and system setup, strategy, leadership, execution of a plan, long term vision and the know how to implement what needs to be, integration, change management, team building, business growth, human resources, copywriting, copyediting, marketing and sales. 

I have spent years studying how to be a better writer and have studied with the best of the best in the industry.  People like Lorrie Morgan of Red Hot Copy, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, AWAI, Children’s Institute for Literature and more. In addition to studying the greats and learning from them, I am also in a daily regime of practicing my writing skills and always improving. 

I have worked with clients in all types of professions over the years.

In addition to my professional life, in my personal life, I am an avid reader, I shoot 8-ball and 9-ball on APA leagues, I love tattoos (must be the artist in me), I enjoy creative projects such as restoring furniture and painting (acrylic or watercolor) and being out in nature. I love spending time with my family and having fun making memories together and having new adventures and I am an animal lover that currently has 2 rescued cats and 4 rescued dogs.