Get Your Copy in Top Shape for More Business Growth!

Get your existing pieces edited to make sure you are getting the best return on what you are putting out in the world. Be sure your copy is strong, has accessibility for all, ranks in SEO, contains updated facts and correct links, so it reaches your target audience and helps you grow your business.

Make sure your copy is strong, compelling, and fresh. That it reaches your audience and makes sure that no matter what, they can access what they need from you, and make a decision to work with you.

What You Get:

Copyediting for your existing copy.  This could be website pages, blogs, articles, eBooks, emails, anything you already have written that you would be interested in freshening up for the new year.

We will have a 60 minute meeting to go over what pieces you would like me to edit for you and what your goals are.

There are various packages available depending on how many items you would like reviewed.

My copyediting includes: 

*Cleaning up spelling and grammar errors

*Fixing punctuation

*Checking relevant facts, sources and stats

*Making sure formatting matches your style guide (creating that if you don’t have one already) 

*Ensuring spelling is correct for your country of publication

*Putting active voice in place as needed

*Ensuring all titles and headings are unique and attention grabbing

*Reword any incorrect statements or figures or speech

*Improve overall readability

*Cut unnecessary words/jargon/redundancies

*Clean up transitions between paragraphs/chapters

*Confirm the entire piece of copy follows a logical structure


Packages Available: 

Packages are available. If you are looking for an ongoing editing project, once we discuss your needs I can offer you a package that fits best.  

If you are interested in discussing editing services please book a call with me at