Is copywriting something that you know you need in your business but you just really don’t like doing?  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  Most of my clients either are good at writing but don’t have time for it, or they just outright despise writing.

That is where I come in.  I love to write.  I do it for fun.  I know…crazy right?!  But my passion and expertise is your stroke of good luck.

How do you know you need a copywriter?  Ask yourself these questions…

  • Do you know you need compelling copy in your marketing materials but just have no idea what that even looks like?
  • Do you have copy you aren’t getting the results you desire from and know it needs to change but aren’t really able to pinpoint how?
  • Do you feel like you could be spending so much more time helping your clients if you weren’t so bogged down trying to keep up on your copy in all areas (website, blog, marketing, social media, etc.)?

If you answered YES to any or all of the above…you are ready for a copywriter. You have more important things to do to grow your business that only you can do.  Let me help you with the writing end of growing your business so you can get out of your own way and move forward toward your goals.

Who You Are

If you are looking for copy-writing support from me, I already know you are an entrepreneur that is ready to step up your business to the next level.  You love what you do, you know you can help more people, you know you need to be more consistent and you know you need help to get there. You need strategy, regular content and a consistent marketing message.

What You Are Experiencing Currently

Right now you are overwhelmed with client work and just don’t have enough time in the day.  This is stressful and requires you to work even longer hours than you already are. You are putting in a lot of time and energy without getting the results you are looking for. You know you can’t keep going at this pace and getting the lackluster result you have been getting.  Honestly you are ready to have some help in this area so you can focus your time on your unique brilliance.  That thing that only you can do so expertly. The work that makes a difference in the lives of the people you work with and touch through your work.

What You Need Most

Your main focus is on having a consistent marketing strategy and compelling copy to attract your ideal clients and increase your revenue. Compelling copy and the right marketing strategy will help you turn more prospects into clients and build your know, like, trust factor. It’s all about being clear about your goals, creating the copy to support your goals through your marketing and stepping up your business to the next level so you reach your goals and see the results you desire.

What’s Next?

I invite you to book a call with me at and let’s discuss your needs further and how we can best work together if it is a fit.

Some of the areas I cover in copywriting include

Web Copy
Optins and follow up messages

The industry professionals I write for often include

Health and Wellness Professionals
Pet Care
Marketing Professionals
Virtual Assistants
Web Designers

If your industry isn’t listed that doesn’t mean I can’t work with you…just reach out!

The way it works

Step One: Reach out and let me know you are interested and give me as much info as possible on what you are looking for and what you want to accomplish.

Step Two: We set up a time to chat by phone or video chat so that I can get to know you and your voice so I know how to best write for you.  I will send you information to get to know me a little better and answer some of the most frequent questions I get asked so you have those before we talk.

Step Three: I will send you a proposal after we talk if we decide we would be a good fit to work together, outlining cost of each project we discussed so you can put your tasks in order of priority and we can get a schedule setup for each.