How do you know you need an Email funnel series?  Ask yourself these questions…

  • Are you staying top of mind with your prospects or do you run the risk they will go somewhere else when they actually have a need for your product/service?
  • Are you building know, like and trust by providing valuable content that leads to next action steps? 
  • Are you leaving money on the table by not letting your customers know about other services/products that may help them once they purchase from you? 
  • Are you losing interest in a program because there is no interaction or motivation from the time of sign-up to the start date? 
  • Are you getting a lot of email with questions that people could have received in an onboarding email? 
  • Are you losing out on Google reviews or testimonials after you are complete with a client because you aren’t asking for them? 

If you answered YES to any or all of the above you have a need for email funnels to be created. 

Who You Are

If you are looking for email funnel (or any other copywriting support) I already know you are an entrepreneur that is ready to step up your business and grow

You know you need to be continually touching your audience but you either don’t know how or don’t have the time to create and implement the compelling messages you need. 

What You Are Experiencing Currently

Right now you are seeing prospects that buy from someone else because they forgot you provide what they need.  You are losing additional sales because your customers don’t realize you provide that service/product and you haven’t told them. You are losing out on referrals and testimonials because you don’t have a system in place to ask for them. 

What You Need Most

You need a way to reach your prospects and customers that is setup to go to them automatically. Systems that have strategy in them and compelling copy that brings them to the next step, provides value or just thanks them and keeps in touch.

What’s Next?

I invite you to book a call with me at and let’s discuss your needs further and how we can best work together if it is a fit. We will discuss what you have setup now, what you are doing in your business that could use an email funnel and how you can make any existing funnels stronger so they get better results. 

Did you know…

It’s not unheard of to earn 6 figures a year from a $29 product if you have a successful sales funnel that is continually selling for you. 

There is a journey from making your prospect aware they have a problem to presenting a solution they need. 

Your funnels should be tracked and updated regularly so you can see the ROI and make any needed changes to stay fresh and up to date. 

An email funnel is like having a 24/7 sales person reaching out to your prospects. 

Some types of email funnels include

Welcome series

Onboarding series

Sales (after sale, upsell, customer support) 

Launches (new product or service) 

Keep in Touch series

Webinar/summit series

Event series

Opt-in series



 The way it works

Step One: Reach out and lets talk about what you are doing currently, what your goals are to grow, and what email funnels you could use based on that information. 

Step Two: If we decide to move forward I will send you a proposal with the cost and what to expect from what we discussed.  You then decide what you would like to do. 

Step Three: If all is good and we decide to get started I will send you an agreement that outlines everything, an invoice and a timeline on when you can expect the project back to you for first review and once everything is confirmed and received back I will begin.  And you will be on your way to growing your business, making more impact, increasing your revenue, all while getting back your time.