I am so glad you are considering working with me!  I have been a professional copywriter for 16 years now and I love every minute of it.

I will answer any additional questions in our Get Acquainted Call but I wanted to cover the most Frequently Asked Questions that I get here as I’m sure it will answer a lot of questions ahead of time:)

“How do I know you are qualified?”

I have been successful in writing for clients for 16 years.  I started writing creatively long before that.  I always keep up on the industry and use my skills and talents daily, whether for clients, myself, or for fun. 

“Why should I hire you to help me create an email funnel?”

I understand the world of copywriting and marketing.  I love the process of brainstorming ideas and laying out the outline and content.  I know the moving parts that go into not only creating an email funnel but also getting it set up to send out to the appropriate people. I know what to look for in order to get better conversions, and what changes to make if they are needed to try different ways of getting your emails opened and read.  

“Do you have experience in my industry?”

I may, but it doesn’t matter either way.  When I work with you, I learn about your business and gather information so that I can write the best email funnel to help you reach your goals.  

“What makes you different from other copywriters?”

I like to get to know my clients and build a relationship.  I care about you having success with your business and sales and I am always sharing with my clients the things I learn or come across that I think could be of value to them. I suggest new strategies if we see conversions aren’t where we would like them, make sure you know all the things you need in place for success and that you have the right processes in place to get there (and I have lots of amazing people I can refer you to if you need someone to help put that all in place).  

 “Who Do You Work Best With?”

I work best with clients that are open to ideas and suggestions, and that understand the importance of good communication.  I always choose to work with clients I can have fun with.  I get a lot of referrals but I don’t take on everyone.  I want everyone to have a wonderful experience and get the results they are looking for, so it is important to me that we are a good fit and I am the best copywriter for your project. And if we are not a fit to work together I do have other awesome copywriters I can refer you to if I think they would be a better fit for your project.

“What Results Can I Expect?”

It all depends on what you are doing with your email funnel.  I don’t just write and leave you on your own.  I want to make sure the funnels are working for you so I do keep an eye on stats and make small changes as needed if it helps with conversion. I don’t guarantee specific results as different funnels are received in different ways, but I do promise that you are getting great work that you will be happy to share with your audience. It will be up to your standards and what you are looking for.

“What Are Your Rates?”

My rates depend on the project.  I don’t do hourly rates.  I do project rates that will encompass all that we discuss.  I also offer ongoing retainers if you would like me to continue long term on projects or monitoring.  

“What Is Your Turnaround Time?”

My turnaround time for projects is usually 3-4 weeks so there is time to research, create, setup and make sure everything is working as it should. If that time would need to be longer based on what is already on my schedule when we talk you would know that up front.