Interview with Erin Alli – FAQ

I am so glad you are considering working with me and my team!  I have been working with entrepreneurs in all different industries for 15 years to help them grow their business and free up their time.  I allow them to work in their unique brilliance without the guilt of thinking they are missing an important element of their business growth. I have expertise as an online business manager as well as copywriting and coaching…so that makes me a unique addition for you if we decide to work together;) I will answer any additional questions in our Get Acquainted Call but I wanted to cover the most Frequently Asked Questions that I get here as I’m sure it will answer a lot of questions ahead of time:)

“How do I know you and your team are qualified?”

I have been successful in my industries for 18 years and together, my team has over 50 years experience. We have a wide skillset and believe in enhancing those skills all the time.  My whole team includes people that love to learn new things and are always expanding their skills and perfecting their techniques. 

 “Why should I hire your team in order to grow my business?”

You can’t do it all yourself.  If you try to you will inevitably get overwhelmed.  The other important thing to note is that you don’t know all the moving elements that go into marketing and product launches and trying to do it all alone means you will probably leave out an important piece. When we work together long term, you can be assured that all the moving parts to keep your business growing will be done in a professional manner. You don’t have to do it alone.

“Does your team have experience in my industry?”

We may, but it doesn’t matter either way.  Why? Because when we work with you, we learn about your business and gather all types of information so that we can help you to grow it in the best way.  We look for what will make you stand out from your competitors. We put in the time to get to know you, your business, your industry and what is working and not working to get you results.

“What makes you different from other business growth teams?”

We like to get to know our clients and build a relationship.  We care about our clients and what is going on in their life as well as their business.  We will only work with clients that we enjoy and can have fun with.  I am your initial point of contact so you have one person to talk to but a team that can support you and get your projects completed.  I have very high standards so my team is very highly qualified and we all believe in the same values. (You can read that on the Manifesto page).  We are always looking out for you and your business. We suggest new strategies, make sure all the elements are in place that you need working and if you are missing something we always let you know what else you need to put in place to have a successful outcome. We are always thinking of our clients and sharing what we learn that may help them.  

 “Who Do You Work Best With?”

We work best with clients that are open to ideas and suggestions, and that understand the importance of good communication.  Clients that understand how important it is to get us the information we need from them in a timely fashion are key to keeping everything on track and running smoothly. We work best with clients that are ready to hand over responsibility and trust that things will get done so they don’t have to worry about it. We always choose to work with clients we can have fun with.  I get a lot of referrals but I don’t take on everyone.  We want everyone to have a wonderful experience and get the results they are looking for, so it is important to me that our team and clients are a match to work together.  And if we are not a fit to work together I do have other resources I can refer you to.

“What Results Can I Expect?”

It all depends on what type of project we are working on.  We will always make sure you are happy with the finished product for any tasks we do.  We want you to be proud of what is going out in the world as your message and representation of you and your business. Results will depend on you as well. I don’t guarantee any specific results but I do promise that you are getting great work that you will be happy to share in the end with your audience. It will be up to your standards and what you are looking for.

“Do You Work Weekends?”

No, we don’t work weekends as that is time with family, BUT when you are a client of ours, we understand that sometimes it may be needed for a launch or event, so as long as we know ahead of time, we can make that happen.  I also will respond if you have a quick question and send me a text on a weekend.  I know as an entrepreneur you work on weekends sometimes so if I am available I am happy to help if needed.

“Why A Long Term Relationship?”

The longer we work together the better we get at understanding your business and being able to support you in more and more ways. Having a long term relationship allows us to know how to work together best, get more accomplished toward your goals and grow and strategize together to get you the results you desire.