Strategy Sessions to Keep Your Momentum Going and Help You Accomplish Your Goals

If you are a solopreneur, you may be feeling a bit lonely at times when it comes to strategizing.  It isn’t as much fun on your own, there isn’t any feedback, and you may not have any idea how to get these ideas you have implemented!

I have 18 years experience helping  entrepreneurs grow at the 6 and 7 figure levels. No matter where you are at in your business, that starts with strategy and implementation. 

What You Need Most

You need someone experienced in operations to help you brainstorm, create a strategy and help you get the right support to implement the strategy so you are moving forward in your business goals and increasing your revenue. I have 2 options to help you with this level of support.  

Private Strategic Operations Session

In this service offering, we spend 2 hours together on Zoom to go over your goals, what your business looks like now and what pieces are in place vs. what needs to be in place, as well as what team support you have vs. what you may need to reach these goals.

I follow that call with a plan that is laid out for you on how to get where you want to be. It has the strategy, the steps, and recommendations if they were needed for people that could support you.

We then spend another hour on Zoom reviewing the plan together and breaking down what you decide to implement into who can implement it and what time frame it needs to be accomplished in. At this point, if you would also like introductions to anyone I may have recommended on your plan, I am happy to make those as well.

INVESTMENT: $1190.00 USD (currently 50% off until February 23, 2024)

Group Strategic Operations Session

This is a great option if you have some other CEO friends that need support too, and you would like to make it even more fun and do it together.

In this option, there is a pre-meeting questionnaire that each participant will fill out and send back at least 3 days before our meeting. We then spend 2 hours together on Zoom in a group no larger than 5 people and I will lead the group. We will all support each other with ideas based on 1-2 goals that each person wants to focus on in the meeting.

I follow that call with a personalized plan that is laid out for each participant. It has the strategy, the steps, and recommendations if they were needed for people that could support them. This will be reviewed on their own but I am available for questions, clarification and introductions as well.

INVESTMENT: $480.00 USD per person (currently 50% off until February 23, 2024)

What’s Next?

If you know you are ready to invest in one of these strategy sessions email me at and I will get you setup and scheduled. If you have any questions, I invite you to book a call with me at and let’s chat!

    The industry professionals I have worked with

    • Health and Wellness
    • Coaches/Consultants
    • Marketing Professionals
    • Solopreneurs
    • Legal Adjacent
    • Non profits
    • And more…

    If your industry isn’t listed that doesn’t mean I can’t work with you…just reach out!

     The way it works

    Step One: Reach out and let me know you are interested in a strategy session and which option you prefer. 

    Step Two: We schedule your session or schedule a call if you have questions. 

    Step Three: We work on your strategy and get you moving forward in your business!